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Laurie Personnet | Frontières Coaching

… where “Transcending borders” will turn challenges into opportunities!

Laurie Personnet is a coach and trainer specialising in intercultural understanding. She is passionate about the challenges and opportunities that come about through intercultural relationships. She accompanies individuals and teams as they journey to intercultural awareness and learn to recognize what an intercultural situation is. From that point on, they will develop the skills they need to handle a variety of intercultural situations turning challenges into opportunities.

English is her native language. Born and raised in Western Canada, she has been living and working in France for some 30 years teaching Professional Communication Skills, and Intercultural Management in the Chambery Business School.

Laurie offers training and coaching services in both English and French.

Briefly, what is training and what is coaching?

Learning techniques to hone your interpersonal communication skills:

  • Professionally: presentations, networking, meetings and managing people
  • Personally: relationships with family, friends and acquaintances
  • Interculturally: understanding company culture, international cultures and identities, as well as individuals and teams

Accompanying individuals, groups, and teams through a process

  • in effectively reaching their personal or professional objectives
  • in improving their personal and professional relationships
  • in improving in-company intercultural situations and internationally

Coaching is the art of supporting a person, group or team in bringing a project to completion. This process depends on the coachee’s level of commitment and the coach’s disposition to caring as well as the substance of their relationship. (Centre International du Coach, Grenoble, France)

Laurie adheres to the “Individual and Team Coach Charter” as set out by the Centre International du Coach in France, available here.