Hello family, friends and colleagues,

Well, I’m doing it.  My very first newsletter and blog.  I quite excited about it actually because it’s been in the back of my head for a while, but, I’ve just never dived into writing it!

I’ve been doing an online business building course with MIWO—Make it Work Online—and part of our homework is to get busy writing a regular newsletter.

I’m an intercultural coach and trainer for corporate individuals and teams who don’t feel comfortable working with different cultures because it’s just not easy.

They are hesitant to do things differently because they think their ways of working are the best.

I help my clients find ways of working together across cultures that are effective and logical so they can produce excellent work, build confidence and bring joy into what they do.

So I guess THAT’s my news!  Stay tuned for more news in upcoming letters by clicking here for the English version and here for the French version.

I look forward to corresponding with you over the waves of the Internet and may our cultural paths cross over a cup of tea, real or virtual, so I can get to know you better.

Learn more about what we can do together. 

Cheers for a charm-filled day,


PS:  More news…I will soon be starting a Facebook Group both in English and French, so stay tuned for when that news rolls out—my very own personal scoop!


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