Hello Everyone,

I know many of you out there work and communicate with people from other cultures.  It is hard enough to do face-to-face communication, not to mention writing emails, letters, video conferences, and phone calls, and get it right so you don’t embarrass yourself or them.

How do you do all of these things so communication is satisfactory so both sides feel happy with the results that come out of your communication?

These are cultural communication forms that I want to treat in upcoming newsletters, along with many other topics that you would like to know about.  And, I am asking for your input.

If you would like answers to your cultural questions, just send me an email at lpersonnet@frontieres-coaching.com and say how you would fill in the following sentence:

“I work with …(fill in the culture here)…
and I would like to know…(fill in the one point that you would like me to talk about here)….

If you’ve told me about it, you are probably not the only one, so I will write a newsletter with some helpful information to help you get it right.

Thank you for reading.  It is because of you that I keep at it every day, doing what I can to help you be a cultural star.

Here’s to your cultural skill and expertise,


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