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Inter-cultural Training and Coaching

Do you have clients coming from other cultures? Has your company been acquired by or merged with a foreign or domestic company? Does your company send its employees abroad for meetings, negotiations, building relationships, managing projects, or living? Is change in the air? Would you like to learn more about how other cultures view working, what their values are, how they build relationships, or how they use their time?

Becoming culturally aware and then interculturally competent demystifies the difficulties and leads to better communication which, in turn, leads to successful completion of your projects in an intercultural environment.

Learn to take intercultural challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Types of coaching

  • Provides one-to- one custom development and leaderships opportunities for managers at different levels as well as senior executives.
  • Is suitable for people who prefer a more personal approach to development either in their professional careers or in life coaching.

The coach and coachee will establish a sound and constructive relationship in which the coach challenges the coachee to stretch his or her limits in moving forward positively.

  • Provides team development that promotes well-being and brings mutual understanding of members’ values and attitudes.
  • Encourages thinking openly, identifying gaps in perception, and working together in a way that strengthens understanding and effectiveness.
  • Develops performance-based results to achieve the company’s desired outcomes.
  • Is suitable for teams and groups that would benefit from an outside coaching relationship to enhance effectiveness and produce the desired results.

The coach and the team or group will establish a sound and constructive relationship in which the coach challenges the members to produce results above and beyond what they might do alone.

  • Provides one-to-one custom personal development to anyone who would like to reach their objectives using their talents and qualities to their best advantage.
  • Takes the person from where they are now to where they truly want to be through a process designed to move forward.

Working Across Cultures Effectively

1-1 coaching session for only a small investment!


  • “Laurie has extensive experience in all kinds of intercultural and interpersonal issues and her toolbox is marvellously well-equipped with coaching, training and teaching tools.  I appreciate her sense of humour, encouragement and honest appraisals of situations.  I recommend her for communication and intercultural training individually and in groups, especially for people who “click” with a bubbly, energetic personality.”

    Amy Church Morels
    Amy Church-Morel
    IREGE – IAE Savoie Mont Blanc – Université SMB Chambéry, France
  • “Laurie is approachable with a great sense of humour, lots of energy, and contagious enthusiasm. She has been a great asset to our professional association, especially facilitating the workshop “Present Yourself” for the Professional Enhancement Programme training day.  I recommend Laurie for anyone who is looking for encouragement, honest feedback, and a kind, attentive approach.”

    Mickey Farrance
    Mickey Farrance
    WWNG President (Working Women’s Network of Grenoble)