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First Steps to Effectively Working Across-Cultures

What if working with other cultures was easier than you think?
Let me guess: You’ve just been offered a position working with colleagues from other countries. You’re excited about this opportunity and think this will be a great experience, but you’re also feeling disheartened from reading many “do and don’t” lists which weren’t helpful in understanding.
I’m here to help you find a comfortable fit despite the challenges. I’m an intercultural coach and trainer for corporate individuals and teams who don’t feel comfortable working with different cultures because it’s just not easy. Together, we will find ways of working across cultures that are effective and logical so you can produce excellent work, build confidence and bring joy into what you do.

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Fine-tune your CV for international markets

What if writing that captivating, attractive, and internationally “aligned” CV or resume wasn’t the chore you thought it would be?
You want to change jobs and you need a star-rated CV to get to that interview, or maybe you just want to have a fabulous CV handy just in case an opportunity knocks on your door.
Writing the ideal CV to fit another culture is not easy, especially if you don’t know that particular culture enough. I’m here to help you fine-tune an internationally aligned CV that makes you proud and pleased to give it away – together we’ll find the right content and structure so you have just what you need to land that interview in a job you’re longing for.

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